About Affluent Exteriors President & Owner, Brian Krpec

For over 25+ years, I have held Account Manager to SVP of Global Sales and CEO roles in the IT/Business Software (B2B) space leading teams and delivering technology solutions to some of the largest brands around the world.

While always having a keen interest in construction and specialty trades of all types, I went through my own contractor “experience” in 2018 and saw an opportunity to do it differently and do it better. That’s when I started Affluent Exteriors as a side hustle with the idea that contractor services, whether they be residental, multi-family, or commercial could be accomplished in a more professional, digital, and transparent way. Today, Affluent Exteriors and our clients are spread across five major markets (Austin, DFW, Houston, Lubbock, San Antonio) in Texas and we’re continuing to grow.

Now, instead of working with executives and professionals in the business world, I’m doing the same thing except it’s personal with some of their most valuable assets – their home(s), apartment complexes, or commercial building(s). Leveraging technology, great people and amazing crews passionate about their quality of work; I’m applying those 25+ years of global business knowledge to deliver a client experience and service in an industry that definitely needs it. While there are other companies in the industry that specialize in a specific trade like roofing, gutters, etc. Affluent Exteriors is a full-service exteriors contractor.

With numerous industry awards, associations, and satisfied clients, Affluent Exteriors has become the trusted exterior contractor for Roofing, Solar, Siding, Stone, Stucco, Gutters, Paint, Patio, Deck, Fence, or Window projects. We service residential, multi-family, and commercial clients for all exterior project types from inspections to repairs, full replacements, insurance claims (hail/wind/fire), new construction, and maintenance. All of our representatives are highly trained in exterior construction and every client is provided an online portal to view their project details including estimates, schedule, photos, documents, comments, payments, and more.

Experience our services for your project by completing a contact us form on our website or call one of our office locations. We’ll give your project the attention, skill, and expertise it deserves. Experience the Affluent Way!