Clean Your Roof! The Dangers of Leaves and Debris

gutters-dirtyAs the first storms of the new year blow through Texas, few people are aware of the damage caused out-of-sight on rooftops.

The hidden culprit? Leaves and debris.

Most roofs have flashings underneath the tiles or roofing system that collect water and carry it down to the rain gutters below. Over the past few months, we’ve seen falling leaves and higher winds, fueling the buildup of leaves and dirt. As debris falls onto the roof and works its way underneath the tiles, it breaks down into smaller particles in the chimney, valley and sidewall flashings and creates a blockade. This often happens over the course of a few years, and isn’t noticeable with a visual inspection.

Now, with the rain coming down, these natural dams on your roof are holding unseen reservoirs of water that eventually spill off the sides of the flashings and onto the felt underlayment and wood deck underneath the tiles. This compromises the strength of your roof and sets the stage for major leaks in the future. Sometimes, these leaks have already been happening for years, causing damage to the wood sheathing and walls before the owner sees any evidence of leakage in the home.

To prevent greater damage in the future, have Affluent Exteriors remove the tiles and clean out these flashings in your sidewalls, valleys and around your chimneys. Think of it like an oil change for your car – a little service now prevents costly repairs in the future.

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