Complimentary Roof Inspection


Follow the steps below to schedule your free roof inspection. If you prefer to speak with our friendly staff to schedule your inspection, call us at 833-402-ROOF or complete the Contact Us form.


Our complimentary roof inspection is the same one we provide our Roof Maintenance customers except simple, minor repairs are not completed at the time of inspection for no additional cost and a 10% member discount isn’t applied to any estimates we may provide.

However, we will provide you a summary report with photos so you have a clear understanding of your roof’s current condition.

  1. Complete roof inspection/evaluation
  2. Document any roof debris
  3. Inspect Gutters and Downspouts
  4. Inspect for loose metal items and cracked or missing caulk joints
  5. Inspect flashings at all penetrations
  6. Branches or light limbs that are touching the roof
  7. Skylight Examination (if applicable)
  8. Screens & Window Cover Examination
  9. A/C Unit Examination
  10. Fencing Examination
  11. Garage Door Examination

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