If a Roof Repair or Replacement is standing between you and a sale, time is of the essence. You need a Roofing Company partnership, not just a roofer.

As a Realtor, you know just how important it is for the sale or purchase of your client’s home to run smoothly. But what happens when it doesn’t – particularly after an inspection determines that a roof repair is needed? At Affluent Exteriors, we understand the demands of a sale when it comes to last-minute inspections. Whether you are representing the buyer, seller, or lender, we provide you with a variety of services that can help expedite your sale and save you valuable time and effort.

It’s beneficial as a Realtor to have a preferred roofing partner that can offer quick, convenient and cost-friendly options to roofs that need repair or replacement for your clients. Whether you’re already working with a roofing company or not, here are a few of the benefits to working with Affluent Exteriors:

1. We Offer a Second Opinion

The need for a roof repair is usually determined after an inspection. Affluent Exteriors can offer a second opinion on the assessment of the roof at no cost for the inspection.

2. We Help with Needed Repairs

There is no need to spend time asking around for a roofer or researching roofing companies you can contact. By working with Affluent Exteriors, you can trust that we’ll perform any repairs in a timely fashion and back up our work with a repair warranty that is transferrable.

3. We Provide Free Estimates on Repairs or Replacements

While it’s fairly common for roofing companies to offer free estimates for roof repairs or replacements, we don’t provide low ball estimates just to earn a client’s business. Our estimates accurately reflect the quality of materials, labor, and warranty we provide for every job we do.

4. We Can Speed Up Closing with Timely Reports

When a seller is responsible for repairing their roof prior to closing, there often needs to be proof of what repairs were completed. With Affluent Exteriors as your trusted roofing company partner, we will provide a report that includes photos before and after the work is completed along with a warranty that is transferrable to the new buyer. This helps speed up the closing time and can be included in the seller’s disclosure.

5. We Are There When You Need Us

One of the biggest benefits of working with us is that you know we are there for you when you need us. As a partner, you are a priority and we put your client’s needs first.

6. We Can Help Get the Home Sold

“How?”, you might ask. We can quickly assess what work needs to be performed, offer cost-effective suggestions, and handle repairs in a timely fashion. All while reducing stress and creating peace of mind for everyone involved. When trying to buy or sell a home, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a setback such as a damaged roof.

Partner with Affluent Exteriors, the Trusted Realtor’s Roofer

As Build Magazine’s Home & Gardens 2019 Luxury Roofing Design & Construction Company of the Year for Central Texas, we have experience working with Realtors who represent sellers and buyers to address roofing concerns prior to the closing date.

We are a certified roofing contractor and member of the National Roofing Contractors Association, The Tile Roofing Institute, National Slate Association, Metal Roofing Alliance, a HomeAdvisor Top Rated and Elite Service Contractor, and Angie’s List 2019 Super Service Award winner.

Our roofing consultants and crews have experience with a wide range of roofing systems including asphalt shingle, cedar shake, concrete tile, clay, metal, slate, and synthetic roofs. With multiple office locations throughout the state of Texas, we specialize in serving the Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio and surrounding Realtor communities through master craftsmanship and quick turn around times.

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