Storm Damage

If you have damage, don’t hesitate to call your agent or you file your claim online. Chances are you’re not the only one to have damage and your insurance company will have adjusters already in the area. The next steps are some of the most important parts of reporting damage and we strongly believe it’s in the best interest of every client we work with to contact us immediately to schedule a free inspection.

After you contact your agent or file your claim online, make a list of all the damages you notice without getting on your roof. Things to inspect include dents in your gutters, bent fins on the air conditioner, damage to lawn furniture, fencing, and flower pots. If your vehicle is left outside during a storm, inspect it as well as any storm that causes vehicle damage usually causes roof damage.  Roof damage isn’t as visible from the ground and the untrained eye may not even notice there is damage.  Please don’t try to inspect your roof alone! A comprehensive roof inspection cannot be performed from the ground and climbing on your home’s roof isn’t a project to be taken lightly. You run the risk of injuring yourself or causing further damage to your roof.

Affluent Exteriors free inspection will provide you a detailed document including all damaged items, including those related to your roof including the roof cover itself like broken shingles, chipped tile, dented metal, and roof pipe caps, dents in window wraps and facia, damage to skylights and areas around the chimney. After receiving this report, make sure we are with you at your home with the adjuster comes as we will help with calling attention to the things that have been noted.

Our clients have learned that the whole process can be simplified and repairs can begin sooner when Affluent Exteriors is involved in the entire process.

To experience our world-class, industry-leading roofing services first hand call our office at 833-402-ROOF (7663) or complete the form below.

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