Commercial Roof Inspections

What You Should Know
Finding a leak in a commercial roof can be stressful, especially when you know that it hasn’t been replaced for years. But, there may actually be a simple fix, even decades after being installed. Not to say that this is the case for you, rather, there are signs to look for that can help determine when to replace your commercial roof.

There are also non-roofing factors to keep in mind, such as the building’s use, climate, budget, building code, and energy requirements. A professional roofing contractor, such as Affluent Exteriors, can help you make this decision based on all factors after a thorough inspection and discussion of your building’s requirements.

A Few Tips to Help Determine If You Need a New Commercial Roof

Water Infiltration
If you are noticing frequent water infiltration, leak history and repairs should be considered while inspecting for accumulated moisture throughout the roof. Be aware that while the membrane surface may appear to be in good condition, there may be damage from trapped moisture underneath the surface.

Depending on the roof type, taking some roof samples from different areas will help determine which kind of roof and how many layers are included within the system. But, if you find any trapped moisture inside of insulation while collecting the samples, the roof must be replaced. Affluent Exteriors can also check for damage in all other areas, including poor ceiling tiles, watermarks, holes, punctures, etc.

Roof Membranes
The overall condition of the roof membrane must be inspected, in addition to checking for signs for uplift from strong winds. Be sure to check common problem areas, including corners, seams, and parapets.

Don’t forget about building codes requiring a specific uplift factor and to discuss with your roofing contractor if you are unsure how this works. Our experts can perform a wind-uplift test during the inspection.

Roof Deck
This part of the roof – if you have one – is one of the most important components. If you do decide to replace the roof after finding significant damage, the deck must also be replaced. When excessive moisture becomes trapped within the roofing components under the deck, mold growth can easily develop and spread to other areas, consuming the structure over time.

Roof Warranty
If the roof is still covered under the warranty, you probably won’t have to replace the roof. But, if there is damage the manufacturing company should be able to pay for repairs as long as the roof is updated on professional inspections.

If the roof is not under warranty, our experts can help you choose the best one before installing a new roof.

Roof Coating
While the condition of a roof’s coating isn’t necessarily a determining factor of whether or not the roof should be replaced, it can provide a number of benefits, including extending the roof’s lifespan. Check out the following listed below:

  • Cost-effective in terms of avoiding repairs in the future.
  • Adds to the aesthetics.
  • Reflects heat and UV rays to keep the building cool and prevent damage to the roof.
  • Additional protection against leaks.
  • Extend the roof’s lifespan.

If your roof already has a coating, be sure to inspect its condition to determine if it could use a new coating. Pay close attention to corners and seams to ensure they are well covered.

Working with a Professional Roofing Contractor
Inspecting a commercial roof for damage is definitely more involved and complicated than examining the one on your home. Having more layers, a larger surface area, and different components can be overwhelming for one individual.

Affluent Exteriors offers complete roof inspection services that will examine all areas of your commercial roof, including between the interior and exterior sides. In addition to suggesting a few repairs or replacements, our experts can provide you with information regarding the amount of time before a replacement is needed. They can also recommend different materials, manufacturers, and warranties that are best suited to satisfy building requirements, code, and protect the building against severe weather conditions.

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