Commercial Storm Restoration

When your commercial property is impacted by a storm, you need a professional roofing contractor that has the manpower, experience, and expertise to get the restoration job done efficiently.  At Affluent Exteriors, we understand that as an owner or manager of a commercial property you are accountable for protecting the contents of your building and prevent further damages from a storm. In turn, our responsibility to you is to repair your storm-damaged roof quickly and thoroughly so your building tenants can resume their daily routines with minimal inconvenience.

If a storm occurs while the office is closed, it may take some time before the damage is realized. Some of the damage that comes from a storm can worsen if not addressed quickly. Water damage, for instance, can lead to soaked insulation, mold, and future structural impact, while a broken skylight can allow debris and water into space. When you do discover storm damage, contact Affluent Exteriors immediately to put our commercial storm restoration services to work.

While the process of storm damage restoration can be time-consuming and disruptive, we make it a priority to minimize both of these aspects. We aim to get you back to work quickly without interrupting your existing operational procedures. That way, you can reduce the downtime and ensure your revenue streak keeps moving. We can also assist with documentation for storm damage insurance claims and have worked with many of the commercial insurers, so we know the process well and can help create a smooth experience.

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