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As a property owner, your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home and the largest investment you will make. It protects you and your family against the elements and serves as a barrier against snow, hail, rain, ice, high winds, branches, and debris. Without a well functioning roof, your home will suffer from water damage, develop mold and mildew, infestations, and more.

Maneuvering through the decisions of new construction, replacement, repair, storm restoration, or maintenance are more complex today than ever before.  With the many different types of designer roofing systems available for residential properties, changing building codes, and the impact of roofing on energy consumption, making an informed roofing decision can be a daunting task.  Affluent Exteriors has the knowledge and experience that most architects and engineers do not possess when it comes to roofing options available and it is our #1 goal to educate you on the options available and develop a solution that is truly in your best interest.

Our consulting services are free and require no contracts.  Many people want to meet with us just to learn more about our designer roofing services that include:

Believe us when we say we’ve heard almost every question you could possibly imagine so don’t hesitate to contact us and get the best possible premier roofing services advice in the industry.  There is no project too small or too big!

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