New Construction

Affluent Exteriors offers the highest quality roofing contractors and services for your new construction project. We know that with construction projects time is money, and working with Affluent Exteriors assures prompt material delivery and installation.

We service a variety of roofing, gutters, windows and siding, and paint needs, and we provide a full detailed breakout of every project plan.  We know that construction sites can be messy, and while other contractors blame one another, you won’t ever have to worry about ours.  We care about the condition of all your properties, commercial or residential, and take great care of ensuring that you won’t ever have to worry about our workspace.  We follow all OSHA and EPA guidelines, and you can view all of our associations and certifications online.

Schedule Your Complimentary Appointment for a New Construction Roofing Estimate

To experience our fully digital, transparent, industry-leading roofing services, complete the form below and we will follow up to schedule an appointment and give your project the attention, skill, and expertise it deserves.

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