Storm Alerts

Register your property and receive a text alert directly on your cell phone before a hail storm hits your property!  With approximately 3,000 hailstorms annually in the United States, these storms can cause millions of dollars in property damage and injuries to people and animals caught outdoors during a hail storm.  Currently supporting residential and commercial property owners in Texas, Florida and the Kansas City area; sign up to immediately start monitoring your property so you can receive text alerts and take action to protect your pets, people, plants & property before and after the storm.

How Do We Do It?

Registration: Once you complete the form below, the following steps will occur:

  • Your property will immediately be registered with our storm (hail & wind) software provider,
  • Your property will begin being monitored for storm weather in real-time,
  • You will receive a confirmation text message to the mobile number provided that your registration was successful.

Text Alerts: When a severe wind or hail storm is near your property, the following will occur:

  • You will receive a text alert like the one above on your mobile phone so you can take action before and after the storm.

Unless you’ve contacted us for immediate emergency storm damage assistance, you can schedule your complimentary post-storm inspection by replying #inspection which notifies our staff to contact you to schedule your inspection.  You can also call us at 833-402-ROOF to schedule your inspection to make sure your property didn’t sustain significant damage and avoid possible leaks and further damage to the interior of your property.

Depending on your mobile data plan, standard text messaging rates may apply. All fields are required.


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