Storm Restoration

No one likes dealing with insurance companies but sometimes it’s a MUST!  DO NOT make a mistake and do it alone!  Knowing how to properly work with your insurance company is critically important to receiving a fair settlement. It all starts when you file a claim, what you say, what you don’t say, and while not all insurance companies aren’t the same, they don’t have open checkbooks.

Think about it, there’s been a hail or wind storm where you live, and your roof and other exterior items around your property have sustained damaged (gutters/siding/fencing/etc.).

  • Q: How many other roofs and exterior items around your home have damage?
  • A: If the damage was significant at your property, the storm had enough strength to damage other properties around you and the total number is bigger than you think!
  • Q: How many have the same insurance company as you do?
  • A: Tricky question but rest assured, you’re not alone and others have damage. Insurance claims are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis to scheduled an inspection, so don’t get stuck in the back of the line.
  • Q: How many claims will be filed?
  • A: Depending on the strength of the storm, and the number of homes damaged, 100’s to 1,000’s of properties could have damage depending on where you live.
  • Q: Did you know that when you file a claim, Insurance Adjusters (Company or Independent) have to respond in a timely manner due to language in your insurance policy?
  • A: Read your Insurance Policy language and be aware of your (deductible) and their responsibilities.
  • Q: Does that mean they have to settle your claim and 100’s or 1,000’s of others in timely manner?
  • A: Yes, and they make mistakes, their busy, they’re human, they may overlook items that should be covered/paid to restore your property to pre-storm conditions. Our Customer Care & Supplement team takes care of this for you!

So what are the next Steps:

  • Your claim may be approved, all items paid for by insurance.
  • Let’s pick colors, style, upgrades and start your project!
  • Your claim may be be approved for partial coverage for repairs but not a full replacement, now what?
  • Do you need a Public Adjuster to help? We have relationships with the best in Texas!
  • Your claim could be denied, it happens more than you think, now what?
  • Do you need request for a second inspection, a Public Adjuster, or an Attorney to help? We have relationships with the best in Texas!

Even if you haven’t filed a claim, we can help no matter where you are in the insurance claims process! In Texas, there are a ton of contractors to choose from which is why we do things differently.

To experience our fully digital (you get a client portal for all photos, documents invoice, etc.), transparent, industry-leading insurance claim roofing services, complete the form below and we will follow up to give your project the attention, skill, and expertise it deserves. Experience the Affluent Way!

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